Navajo Gold Records, Inc.



September 11, 2001 was the most shocking day of my life. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my computer screen, and later from the TV screen in the 3rd Floor dormitory lounge room at Harvard University where I lived as a graduate student. Hours later, the Resident Advisor (R.A.) – a red-headed guy with spectacles from Arkansas – made us report to that same lounge room for an evening “emergency meeting”. He informed us that there was an international emergency. Terrorists had struck American soil. People were dead from Boston, MA to Arlington, VA. This must be the most disastrous act of mass violence that has ever occurred in the history of the United States of America.

After the meeting, I returned to my room and contemplated the day’s events. Little did I know that what transpired on September 11th would set me up to become a New York City supermodel. Although I had only intermittent spurts of experiences visiting New York City as a tourist while I was growing up, this recognition would eventually become a real honor for me. I remember the time (probably in the mid to late 1980s) that my parents rented a Lincoln Continental, and drove me and my little brother the five hours it took to climb the Interstate Highway, stop by my grandmother’s apartment (who lived in Manhattan), and shuttle the five of us to the Windows on the World restaurant, which was located on the 106th and 107th floors of the North tower, which is building number one of the “twin towers” of the World Trade Center. That night, no one could ever have predicted what was going to happen almost a decade-and-a-half later. The most startling thing I can remember (beyond the veal steaks, Coca-Cola, chocolate cake, and vanilla ice-cream that I enjoyed) was a strange stillness in the ambience of the dining room while the Maître-D turned down the lights and directed everyone’s attention to the windows. We had a window table, and I was seated comfortably across from the view – an unbelievable night vision of the New York City skyline from the top of the tower! Suddenly, the room lurched, and a hidden motor began to work while the entire floor of the building turned in a huge circle. The New York City skyline winked at us, seemingly motionless, from outside. What an incredible experience! What an amazing view! I will never forget it.

I was hired by BMG execs early in the aftermath to assist music industry professionals who were interested in moving their public image and sound to another level of entertainment. What I never expected to land was my own recording contract and musical production studio. The creative opportunities blossomed and grew from there, flowering into one musical adventure after another. From the streets of downtown L.A. to the VIP lounges of New York Knicks basketball games, Navajo Gold Records, Inc. moves trend-spotters and cultural innovators, creators and business managers, artists and the people they influence to engage the world around them in a conversation about style, process, recognition, conservation, interpretation, and reinvention. This company is here for the musical energies emerging from resilient places like New York City, and for the connoisseurs of good taste and high style that give this country its luminescent quality of unending cultural revitalization that is, as sailors have noticed of the afterglow of storms in the high seas, the Fire of St. Elmo.